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Living in Australia

There are many advantages of choosing Australia as a place to live while you do your study.


Australian society is a wonderful multicultural place to live, due to a long history of migration from countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. There are more than 100 ethnic groups represented, producing one of the most diverse cultural environments in the world. The richness of this multicultural mix means that the people can enjoy the influences of all these cultures in their day to day life. Food, shopping, religion and many other aspects of these different cultures are readily available in Australia's larger cities.

International students are readily accepted by the teachers and students in our schools, colleges and universities. The people of Australia value the freedom of religion and churches, mosques, temples and synagogues can be found in most larger cities.

Welcoming People

Students are usually warmly welcomed in Australia. The people are renowned for being friendly, open and relaxed.

Homestay is an available option for your accommodation. In this situation, you will be able to live with an Australian family to participate and learn about the way of life enjoyed by Australians. Not to mention, being immersed in an English speaking environment which will greatly benefit your English language skills.

Other options are private accommodation, share arrangements, boarding schools or campus accommodation. All present the opportunity to  develop lasting friendships and English language skills.

Safe Environment

Crime rates in Australia are low and very strict laws restricting and controlling the ownership and use of guns contribute to a safe environment.

The political environment is stable and is very unlikely to impact on study and your progress whilst in Australia.

Close to Home

Australia as an international study location offers the convenience of being relatively close to countries such as Indonesia and other south east Asian countries as well as China and India. The flight times are relatively short and less expensive than other more distant locations.

Environment and Experiences

Australia has a vast range of different environments to experience. There are wonderful beaches in the summer, spectacular scenery ranging from the beauty of Sydney Harbour, to coastal rain forests, inland deserts and even snowfields in the winter.

There are many exciting leisure and sporting activities to experience. You can try surfing, swimming, diving or bushwalking and rock climbing. Enjoy the spectacle or join in with football, tennis, golf or many other sporting events.



Australia experiences a moderate climate without the extreme cold of some other study locations. For the students from tropical countries, you will be able to experience the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn to Winter and then Spring.

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