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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which course to apply for?

ACISS will provide free counselling to assist you to look at the options available, course suitability, pre-requisite requirements and recommendations tailored to your requests.

How do I make an application to an Education Institution?

ACISS makes this easy for you by giving you complete free assistance with this. We can lodge the application for you and act on your behalf. As soon as we receive an acceptance offer or letter of acceptance, we will let you know.

How do I find accommodation and arrange airport pickup?

If you require assistance with these, we have a full service available so you do not need to worry.

Before you leave your country, we can give you advice about the accommodation options available and make all the arrangements necessary so it is available on your arrival.

We will talk to you about your requirements and make sure someone is available to meet you on your arrival at the airport and take you to your arranged accommodation.

What are the living costs in Sydney?


Food: $75 - $100 per week

These are estimated costs only as prices can be different depending on the location.

Can I work in Australia while I study?

Yes. The student visa conditions recognise that you may need to work to contribute towards your living and study expenses while you are in Australia. Study visas allow you to work 20 hours per week whilst your course is in progress and unlimited work time during holiday periods.

What’s the weather/climate like in Sydney?

There are four season in Sydney.

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